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All new fire extinguishers supplied by Fire Suppression Scotland are covered by a 2-year guarantee.


Fire class: A, B & C


Dry powder is suitable for mixed risk fire environments and especially suitable for flammable liquids and fires involving flammable gases such as propane, methane, hydrogen, natural gas etc. Also for fires involving electrical hazards.


  • 3 and 6 kg
  • High performance powder
  • Kite marked to BS EN3: 1996.

ABC Dry Powder 6kg

  • Suffocating A Fire

    There are different variations of the powder fire extinguisher, but they all work in the same way. Contained within the fire extinguisher is an extinguishing agent. When aimed at the material causing the fire, it forms a ‘blanket’ over the fire.


    The purpose of doing this is that it starves the fire of oxygen, which also stops the fire from reigniting as well. They do tend to make a bit of a mess though, so be sure to clean it up after the fire’s been extinguished.


    The All-Rounder Fire Extinguisher

    It is important to be aware of the applications your specific fire extinguisher is for.


    Powder fire extinguishers are a good, versatile device, as they are suitable for many types of fire. For example, it can be used on a burning pile of rubbish as well as on a flaming Formula 1 car. The most used extinguisher is the ABC powder extinguisher.


    ABC means it can tackle Class A fires (burning solids), Class B fires (liquid fires) and Class C fires (gas fires). It is also suitable for use on fires caused by live electrical equipment without the risk of shock. Yet, you should be careful using it on items such as computers, as it can be corrosive.


    Where To Use It

    You would generally find a powder fire extinguisher in a working environment. These can include workshops, construction sites and in industrial areas.


    Due to operating on flammable liquids and gases and other materials, it is also suitable for all types of vehicles. For example, the RAC recommends a small powder fire extinguisher for cars. As these are available in different sizes, you can always have a suitable one for in the car or at the factory.

    The powder fire extinguisher is not suggested for use indoors, such as at home or in the office. This is because the powder can get messy, and it also reduces visibility when trying to make your escape. They can also produce a gas, which could potentially cause breathing issues.

    This highlights the importance of ensuring you have the right extinguisher for your environment.


    The powder fire extinguisher is a great tool to enable you to correctly handle most types of fire, but only use when strictly necessary and in the correct environments.

  • All new fire extinguishers supplied by Fire Suppression Scotland are covered by a 2 year guarantee.