All new fire extinguishers supplied by Fire Suppression Scotland are covered by a 2-year guarantee.


Fire Class: A & B


Ideal where both A & B class fire risks exist. AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is particularly suited to class B fires caused by the combustion of materials that liquefy such as petrol, oils, fats, paints, etc.


  • 3 and 6 litre
  • High fire ratings
  • Kite marked to BS EN3: 1996.

AFFF Spray Foam 3 Litre

  • It is extremely effective because of the clever way the ingredients in a foam fire extinguisher work together. These are concentrated foam solution, water and inert nitrogen, which pressurises the extinguisher. When the extinguisher is used, the stored pressure drives out the foam solution, which swirls around in the nozzle, producing a fine spray of foam in a much larger volume than the extinguisher itself.


    How does it work? In two ways. The foam seals the fire from its oxygen supply, and secondly the moist foam cools the burning material.


    The foam extinguisher colour is usually red with a cream label saying ‘foam’, which conform to British Standard EN3. Stainless steel extinguishers are available for use in design-led or clean environments – but they will still have that cream label. Beware: older foam fire extinguishers aren’t red, but are completely cream. These don’t conform to the EN3 standard, and ought to be replaced and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. Your fire extinguisher supplier should be able to do that for you.