All new fire extinguishers supplied by Fire Suppression Scotland are covered by a 2-year guarantee.

Fire class: B


CO2 extinguishers are suitable for class B risks involving flammable liquids and for electrical hazards. CO2 is harmless to electrical equipment and is ideal for modern offices, electronic risks and for the protection of electrical installations.


  • 2 kg and 5 kg size
  • Aluminum body and brass valves
  • Kite marked to BS EN3: 1996.

Carbon Dioxide 2kg

  • CO2 fire extinguishers discharge CO2 gas, also known as carbon dioxide.  This is stored in the extinguisher as a liquid, and the gas is created under pressure when the handle of the extinguisher is squeezed.

    This causes the CO2 gas to emerge at great speed, which is why CO2 fire extinguishers are not recommended for chip pan fires – they could literally blast the flames into surrounding areas.


    Unlike water and foam extinguishers, CO2 fire extinguishers do not work by cooling the fire and so are ineffective on fires involving flammable solids.


    Instead, CO2 extinguisher work by replacing the oxygen surrounding the flames with carbon dioxide, meaning the fire can no longer burn.




    • Fires involving equipment such as computers, or generators (‘electrical’ fires)
    • Fires involving some flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel, and paint (‘class B’ fires)
  • All new fire extinguishers supplied by Fire Suppression Scotland are covered by a 2 year guarantee.


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